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Period Poverty Pad Champions

Posted by Kerry-Anne Savage on

TCS-eco Period Poverty Packs

It’s massive it’s in the news everyone is talking about it and tampon tax.  We have initiatives in Scotland where girls are getting free sanitary supplies.  It’s fantastic, it’s news worthy, it’s award winning….  It’s a shame they are single use!  So we are literally throwing money away every month, we are supplying products that are not really fit for purpose.  The only real winners are the suppliers because even though they are only making a small margin on it, they are making that margin every month!   Also its horrifically bad for the environment!

Well I have a solution and I need your help.

Cloth Sanitary Protection (CSP) it’s my business it’s what I know, I am really boring at parties unless you want to talk about my CSP… oddly not many do…  I am one of the UK’s largest makers and I am saddened to see that rather than support local businesses, companies that supply mass produced Chinese imported products are being championed and supported.  I am self-funded but I can’t fund this all by myself so I am taking it to go fund me and hopefully you can all help a little or a lot.…/reusable-period-poverty-packs

My proposal is to manufacture a CSP pack in Scotland.  For distribution with in the UK to people who would benefit from CSP.  I have created a pack of 5 with a manufacturing cost under £20 this will cover a day’s cycle, however we all know (even you men folk) a period lasts more than 1 day and this is where I see most of these initiative’s falling down.  A day’s supply is not fit for purpose. Access to 15-20 CSP is a usable “stash”.  My initial plan is to raise funds to supply 200 packs of UK made CSP. (Go Fund Me) These will be distributed through food banks, woman support groups and other charities who know more about supplying to genuine women in need than I do,  I then plan to raise funds through a buy a pad scheme on my website (my website is functional not fancy as I fund it all myself).  There will be a section headed Period Poverty PAD Champions where a customer can choose what they wish to buy with their own order.  These CSP will not be shipped to the “champion” but made available to ladies who require more CSP.  There will be different options depending on how generous the “pad champion” is feeling.

Currently this project has already been supported by a number of other businesses in England and Wales, they have supplied materials to help with the financial burden of getting the project off the ground.  So A special thank you to Tanya Scharfenberg  at sew over the rainbow for donating topping fabrics (, Bex Cleaver at eco rainbow pads for donating a large amount of core fabrics (, Christine McRichie  from Earthwise uk( for providing other products required for the pack.  Without these donations I would be months behind where I am now as I currently have no funding.

What will I be getting out of this: Sadly, I cannot do it for 100% free.  I will be paying myself a living wage, my karma will be boosted to full, my business TCS-eco will not benefit financially in any way from the production of these CSP, THIS IS 100% NOT FOR PROFIT!!!

What will the people in need be getting out of this: A product 100% manufactured in Scotland, the potential to have enough CSP to mean they do not need to worry about not having enough pads to see them through a cycle.  A good quality item that is not mass produced in China and ethically sourced fabrics. The CSP have the same great shapes that are exclusive to TCS-eco the difference being the finish.  The logo is gone, the double stitched core has been reduced to a single stitch and the signature absorbency stitching down the core has also been removed.  The fabrics used will not be custom imported prints but rather solid colours.  The cores will still be high quality (Wazoodle USA manufactured) so the brand integrity remains strong All of this has pretty much halved the cost of manufacturing.

Thank you for taking the time to read through what I want to do, if no one helps it will never happen so please donate to starting a real fight against period poverty.  Not a single use plaster that seems to be the popular choice.

Kerry Anne TCS-eco