Cotton Jersey CSP (Larger Volume Limited Edition)

Fabric information, I classify all these fabrics as Cotton Jersey,  This information has been lifted from the custom fabric makers pages and and relisted here.  None of these fabrics are Spoon flower fabrics.  These have all been bought directly from the fabric designer, or as part of group buys, or designed by TCS-eco and printed.

Digitally printed on 220-250 gsm 95/5 cotton spandex jersey.


Digitally printed on 220-280GSM Cotton Lycra 95/5%

Because all fabric is custom printed, some flaws can be expected. Small white flecks and spots can happen and are a normal part of the printing.

Slim 1.75"- 2"

Petite 2"- 2.25"

Classic 2.25"- 2.5"

Hourglass 2.25" - 2.75" width increases with length.

Hour glass wide is 2.75" - 3" as standard

Conical  range has a flare at one end and if suitable for wearing with the flare too the front of the back.



liner :- 1 layer of Hemp with silverdur

regular :- 1 layer of zorb 3d with silverdur

heavy :- 1 layer of zorb 3d with silverdur and Hemp with Silverdur

night :- 2 layers of zorb 3d with silverdur

Confident:- 3 full layers of zorb 3d with silverdur (550gsm), 1 x 9" zorb 3d with silverdur (550gsm) and 1 layer of hemp with silverdur (400 gsm).