French Terry CSP


Custom orders

95/5 cotton lycra, 4-way stretch, 280 gsm, approx.  

Shalimak Euro Import

95/5 cotton elastine, 4-way stretch, 235 gsm approx.

French terry has a totally different feel to it when working with it.  It has the characteristics of cotton jersey but with a luxurious feel to it.  I don't know if you will be able to feel the quality difference when you wear it but I can when working with it!

Standard shape is hourglass 2.25" to 2.75" width increases with length.

Hour glass wide is 3" as standard

Conical "supers" range has a flare at one end and if suitable for wearing with the flare too the front of the back.



liner :- 1 layer of bamboo terry

regular :- 1 layer of zorb2

heavy :- 1 layer of zorb2 and bamboo terry

super heavy :- 1 layer of zorb 3d and bamboo terry

night :- 2 layers of zorb 2

super night :- 1 layer of zorb 2 and 1 layer of zorb 3d

Conical and Florence :- super flares 2 layers of zorb 3d

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