TCS-eco Budget Range

TCS-eco has teamed up with an established Chinese maker.  After 3 months of discussions to get the cores and topping right, we are now confident we can offer a quality imported CSP that will fit a tight budget and offer good protection for people new to CSP or even for stash building.

Currently we offer a 8.5 to 9” pad with 3 layers of bamboo as a core,  we feel this is a regular absorbency, the manufacturer feels it is regular to heavy.  They have a double popper to give 2 width options and topped and backed with minky.  This is to stop the bamboo being in direct contact with delicate areas and drying them out.

All Chinese Budget CSP available from TCS eco are Minky/Plush topped and backed.

Initially we are offering 10 colour choices and a variety of options to suit any pocket.

Option 1: Single Pads from £3.25 plus postage.

Option 2: 2x Budget CSP and 1x 9"  TCS eco Pad (any in stock topping) from £10 plus postage

Option3 : 3x Budget CSP and 1x10" TCS eco Pad (any in stock topping) £15.50 plus postage


Why Buy Reusable?  There is many reasons. The main ones are, they will over an average life time save you a lot of pennies, no unnecessary land fill, No chemicals, etc.

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