3 x 7" liner CSP Tester Pack

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TCS-eco Tester Set consist of 3 x7" liner CSP  This is enough to trial cloth through a day of your cycle (4-5 hours of use per CSP).  You will then be able to decide what best suits you.

Standard disposable liners are 6"/7".  This option is if you prefer this.

TCS-eco CSP have a minimum life span of 75 washes (6 years of monthly use).

TCS-eco liner CSP hold a minimum of 20 ml of liquid(once fully absorbent), the core construction make them thin ( thinner than a £1 coin) and thirsty.

Standard width: same as most shop bought disposables. (2.25-2.5").

Slim width: Suitable for smaller framed people and younger individuals (1.75-2").

Top.  Cotton Jersey

Core: 55% Hemp /45% Organic Cotton 

Backer: Windpro (liquid repellent thin fleece) Allows ventilation that most PUL fabrics prevents.