Super Discounted 3 x 8" liner Cloth Sanitary Pad Starter Packs. TCS-eco

8" Liner Starter Pack: Mixed Pack Slim Width
Sale price£17.50


To make life easy we can provide a cloth sanitary pad which is equivalent to or exceeds the performance of a disposable. We pick a random pattern for you from our fantastic range!

When choosing length most disposables are the following size:

  • 7"  -  daily liners.
  • 9"  -  regular day pads
  • 10" - night pads.  

Then your absorbency:

Pad Type Width Shape Thickness Liquid Volume Lifespan
Disposable 2.25" <30ml Single Use
TCS Liner 2.25" Hourglass <£1 coin 15ml 75 Washes
TCS Regular 2.25" Hourglass £1 coin 50ml 75 Washes
TCS Heavy 2.25" Hourglass £1 coin 75ml 75 Washes
TCS Night 2.25" Hourglass 2x£1 coin 90ml 75 Washes


  • Top Fabric: Cotton Jersey
  • Core:  Hemp/Organic Cotton blended fabric (55/45%)
  • Zorb 3d organic cotton blended fabric (Regular/Heavy/Night)
  • Backing: Soft-shell, some come with Windpro

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