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The keep it simple section is to let you pick the most popular shaped pad that TCS-eco sells, the hourglass.  

It is the same lengths as disposables and you pick the length and the top fabric type you want to try and we will do the rest.  

You will still get a pad made with all the premium materials but we will pick the print or specific fabric.  This is to help you take the first step without the choice confusion.

TCS-eco CSP have a minimum life span of 75 washes (over 6 years of monthly use).

TCS-eco Liner CSP hold a minimum of 15ml (equivalent of 1 tampons worth)

TCS-eco regular CSP hold a minimum of 50 ml of liquid (depends on the length), the core construction make them thin (the depth of a £1 coin) and thirsty.

TCS-eco Heavy CSP holds around 70 ml and a night is over 100 ml

Standard width: Hourglass shape, the most popular shape in the range. (2.25-2.5").

Top (against skin fabric).  Cotton Jersey, Minky or Bamboo Velour.

Core: Zorb 3d 

Backer: Windpro solid coloured fleece, (against underwear, has an "anteroam" quality)