Tween Starter Pack Cloth Sanitary Packs for teenager and smaller frames. TCS-eco

Tween Starter Pack: Mixed pack
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TCS-eco Tween consist of 3 x7 inch slim CSP (2 slim liners and a slim regular) and 2 petite pads 2x8" petite Cotton jersey (regular) and Bamboo Velour (heavy) This is enough to get and idea of what will suit you.  A small pad pod is also included for out and about storage.

TCS-eco CSP have a minimum life span of 75 washes (6 years of monthly use).

TCS-eco liner CSP hold a minimum of 20 ml of liquid(once fully absorbent), the core construction make them thin ( thinner than a £1 coin) and thirsty. A regular pad will hold over 40ml and a Heavy is over 60ml.

Standard width: same as most shop bought disposables. (2.25-2.5").

Slim width: Suitable for smaller framed people and younger individuals (1.75-2").

Top.  Cotton Jersey

Core: 55% Hemp /45% Organic Cotton liner, organic cotton zorb 3d

Backer: TCS-Eco In-House CSP Backing (Pul Lined)


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