Caring For Your TCS-eco Stash!

Easy Care and Use Guide for TCS-eco Cloth Pads

Simple Steps for Cloth Pad Care: Caring for your TCS-eco cloth pads is straightforward and easy. While you'll likely develop your own routine over time, here are some basic guidelines to get you started:

Washing and Storing Your Cloth Pads:

  • Storage: Keep your used pads in a wet bag or other storage container of your choice. You can either rinse them in cold water until the water runs clear or store them dry until ready to wash.
  • Washing: For stubborn stains, soak the pads in cold water with a stain remover. Remember, washing at hot temperatures can set stains and odors into the fabric. Wash your pads at 40°C or lower with dark clothes, and avoid using fabric conditioners.
  • Drying: Avoid drying your cloth pads on direct heat or at high temperatures in a tumble dryer.

Using Your Cloth Pads:

  • Water Hardness: Be aware that the hardness of your water may affect the pads.
  • Correct Placement: Pads should be worn with the stitching facing up and the grippy fleece side against your underwear. Tighter fitting pants help keep the pads in place.
  • Superior Absorbency: All TCS-eco pads are designed to be more absorbent than disposable equivalents.

Environmental and Financial Savings:

  • Reduce Landfill Waste: By choosing TCS-eco reusable pads, you prevent at least 2,860 single-use items from going to landfill over ten years.
  • Cost Savings: Switching to reusable pads can save you approximately £625. Want to see how much you could save? Use our savings calculator for a personalized estimate.

How to Calculate Your Savings:

  • An average calculation might look like this: 22 average pads per cycle × 13 cycles per year × 10 years = 2,860 pads.

Make the Sustainable Choice with TCS-eco: Switch to TCS-eco cloth pads for an eco-friendly, cost-effective menstrual care solution. Visit our website for more information on our products, care instructions, and the positive impact you can make by choosing reusable.