The basics of caring for cloth pads is pretty simple.

These are a basic guide.  As you use your products you will develop your own technique. 

Washing and storage

  • Store in a wet bag or other storage choice, either rinse in cold water till the water runs clear or store dry then cold wash in the washing machine.
  • If you have a stubborn stain soak in cold water and Stain remover. Washing at hot temperatures fixes the smells and stains into the fabrics.
  •  Wash at 40 or lower with dark clothes and NO fabric conditioners.
  •  Do not dry on direct heat or at high heat in a tumble dryer.

How to use and basic information.

  • Different hardness of water cause differences in the pads.
  • Pads are worn with the stitching facing up and grippy fleece to your underwear. Tighter fitting pants will keep the pads in place!
  • All TCS-eco pads are more absorbent than a disposable equivalent.

By choosing to reuse you have stopped a minimum of 2860 single use items going to landfill and saved £625! Go you!

Not sure how much you could save,  Hit up our savings calculator and see what you could save.

Basic calculation 22 (average pads) X 13 (cycles per year) x10 (years) = 2860.