Explore Our Premium Absorbency Levels:

  1. Liner: Crafted with a blend of Hemp (55%) and Organic Cotton (45%), providing reliable protection while prioritizing sustainability.

  2. Regular: Featuring an absorbent core made with Organic Cotton Zorb 3D. Zorb, a man-made material, is intricately woven through two layers of organic cotton for enhanced performance.

  3. Heavy: Designed for heavy flow, these pads incorporate a high-capacity core made with Heavy Grade Bamboo Zorb 3D. Similar to our Regular pads, Zorb is meticulously woven through two layers of bamboo for exceptional absorbency.

  4. Night: For peaceful nights, our Night pads consist of two layers of Organic Cotton Zorb 3D, offering the comfort and security you need during your restful hours.

  5. Confidence: Our Confidence pads are engineered for maximum absorbency, featuring three layers of Zorb 3D, one layer of 9" Zorb 3D, and a full layer of hemp. These pads provide the ultimate protection and peace of mind for your heaviest flow days.

Choose the level of absorbency that suits your needs, with confidence in our premium materials and design.