Backing Options

At TCS-eco, you have the option to choose between two types of backing for our pads: windpro or PUL lined fleece.

Why PUL Lined Fleece?

  • PUL lined fleece helps prevent the pads from shifting in your underwear, providing added security and comfort.

Why Windpro?

  • Windpro offers excellent breathability, surpassing PUL as a barrier while still being more breathable than lower-quality imported alternatives.

The choice between windpro and PUL lined fleece mostly comes down to personal preference. Many individuals seeking extra security and confidence, especially for incontinence needs, tend to opt for PUL lined backing. Additionally, wearing well-fitting pants can also help prevent pads from moving around.

For the best experience, we recommend our own TCS-eco underwear, but if you're not ready for that investment, consider high-waist briefs, affectionately known as "Bridget Jones's," available at M&S.