Reusable cloth pad options. Top materials used will differ from pack to pack.

Pad absorbency

Liner up to 15ml

Regular up to 50ml

Heavy up to 100ml

Standard Width Pack:

Introducing our Standard Width Pack. Each pad in this collection boasts the same width as your everyday disposable pads, ensuring a familiar and comfortable fit.

What's more, the lengths of these pads align perfectly with those of equivalent disposables of the same absorbency level. With our Standard Width Pack, you can enjoy the convenience and reliability you're accustomed to without any compromises.


Slim Width Pack:

Introducing our Slim Width Pack, specially designed for a more comfortable fit. The liner and regular pads in this collection are 1/4 inch narrower than standard disposable pads.

Perfectly suited for smaller-framed individuals and young adults, these pads provide a snug and secure fit. For heavier flow days, our 10" heavy pad offers a standard width hourglass shape.

Rest assured, the lengths of these pads match those of equivalent disposables with the same absorbency level, ensuring you have the coverage you need without compromising on comfort.


Enhance Your Menstrual Care with Reusable Pad Packs

Our reusable pad packs have been thoughtfully designed to create a comprehensive, reusable "stash" of approximately 20 pads, perfectly suited to cover an entire menstrual cycle. We understand that every person's period is unique, so why settle for one-size-fits-all period pack pads?

If you're considering a reusable pack from TCS-eco but aren't sure which option is best for you, simply click the "chat with us" button, and our team will assist you in making the right choice.