Standard Width (2.25” – 2.5”)

A standard width suits individuals who prefer a disposable. In the TCS-eco range these come in Petite, Hourglass and Classic shapes. 

The core width is all the same it’s just shape preference. Currently, the most popular style is Hourglass. 

If you are unsure of style preference you can order a starter pack - Starter Packs



Slim (1.75”-2”)

The slim is designed for smaller and younger people.

The 7” slim is the most popular liner style ordered across the whole range.

Wide (2.75”-3”)

If you feel you need the extra security then wide pads are for you. 

Hourglass Wide is a popular alternative to the standard width hourglass as it has the same great shape but extra coverage.

Conical, has a shape suitable to be turned around to offer coverage at the front or the back, this shape is popular with individuals who need to sit a lot.

Florence, this shape comes in 14” and 16” lengths and is by far the most absorbent style of CSP that TCS-eco offers. The large flare can be positioned to the front or back and is perfect for people who need to sit a lot or need extra coverage when lying down.

Hourglass wide Florence Wide Conical Wide