Super Discount Deals

TCS-eco are doing a very limited discount set of 3 day pads in liner, regular, heavy and heavy/night.  

These pads have been specifically designed to suit every need. A 7" liner may not be what everyone needs so there is a choice between 7, 8 and 9"  because a reusable should offer an almost perfect fit.  The same goes for 9 and 10", as a user you may only need a regular absorbency but prefer it to be longer.  

  • 7" is the length of most daily liners.
  • 9" is the length of most regular day pads
  • 10" is the length of most night pads.  

So if you know the length you prefer but need to alter the absorbency, these packs have you covered.

These products are suitable for anyone who menstruates, and for incontinence needs.  All packs are backed with our 75 minimum wash promise and all pads are manufactured from start to finish in Ayrshire Scotland.

These discount sets are ready made with shipping within 3 to 5 working days.