Materials Used By TCS-eco

Fabrics explained


Cotton: good all-rounder. Mainly used for lighter flow as some ladies find it gives a ‘wet’ feeling during heavy flow and gushing. Cotton doesn’t wick away moisture very quickly, although this also depends on what fabrics are used in the core. Comes in all sorts of patterns and is easily available.

Jersey: soft feeling, wicks moisture away quickly and is therefore a good topper if you have a very heavy flow and a gusher.  The largest variety of pattern in my range is in cotton jersey.  Most Cotton jersey fabrics are limited edition imported fabrics.  Where the fabric has been purchased will always be in the description or a watermark on any pictures of the fabric.

Performance Knit: has a stain resistant finish that makes laundering a breeze. For a knit that has vibrant colors that hold up wonderfully to repeated washing. It is a breathable fabric that has moisture wicking properties too keep you cool and dry.  It has a sheen to it unlike the matt finish of cotton jersey.  Performance knit is a fabric ordered directly from Spoon flower.

Minky/Plush: this is a synthetic fabric made of polyester. Doesn’t stain as quickly as natural fabrics such as cotton, jersey and bamboo velour. Very soft and stays soft. Might feel warmer due to it being polyester.  Most TCS-eco fabrics are limited edition wickedly woven, lil bumaz, gelatos or hand dyed by TCS-eco.

Bamboo velour: a natural, absorbent fabric. It has antibacterial and deodorizing properties which makes it an excellent fabric to use on the top of a cloth pad. Feels very soft and wicks away moisture very quickly. Very popular during heavy flow as it gives you a dry feeling.  All Bamboo velour is custom dyed by TCS-eco.

Cotton velour:  a natural fabric with a very similar look and feel to Bamboo velour.  CV does not go “crunchy” over time and is a very under rated fabric topping.  All Cotton velour is custom dyed by TCS-eco.

Core materials:

Zorb: Partly synthetic and designed for the use in cloth nappies. It absorbs 10x its weight in moisture at rates nearly 20x faster than traditional cotton, bamboo & hemp knit fabrics. It can quickly distribute the absorbed moisture.  Zorb should also be sandwiched between two layers of fabric, otherwise it will fall apart and will cause compression leaks.  Think of it like a giant sponge, once full it will leak but if the sponge is wrapped in a towel then the towel will prevent it leaking.  (TCS-eco only use Zorb as a central core in my nappy boosters, not CSP.)

Zorb II Diamond (the core material used by TCS-eco) is the latest innovative second generation super absorbent fabric designed as a durable reversible fabric with face of 70% bamboo 30% organic cotton & back of 100% wicking polyester combined with a thirsty inner filling of Zorb material.
It absorbs 10x its weight in moisture at rates nearly 20x faster than cotton, bamboo & hemp knit and has a much greater holding capacity than any other product on the market (a single layer holds up to 5 times the moisture of the best absorbing knits so leaking and exterior wicking can be greatly reduced).

Bamboo Terry: available in cotton and bamboo. Absorbent but more layers needed to match the absorbency of zorb.

Bamboo and hemp fleece Used in Liners and Heavy (the brand used in TCS-eco):

ProECO Heavy Bamboo Organic Cotton Fleece is a premium quality super heavyweight fleece.  This fleece is made with the finest high modulus yarns for the best finish in softness, absorbency & lustre, weighing in at approx. 400 GSM

ProECO Bamboo Baby Loop Terry is a wonderfully soft loop terry, ideal for any designs & patterns which require a soft & sturdy yet stretchy single loop terry.  It features small baby loops on one side & a flat back on the other side. These baby loops absorbs water quickly while being very gently on the skin.

TCS-eco generally swaps between either bamboo terry, loop or fleece as an absorbent core in liners and heavy.  Zorb II is used in Regular, Heavy, Night and Post-Partum.  If a customer requires only natural fabric cores these can be made in a custom request.


Backing materials:

Waterproof fleece: this is microfleece with a sandwiched water proof layer. Very thin and light.  It is similar to fleece and pul together, only a lot thinner.  Waterproof fleece is the standard backing on all CSP under 10”.  If Wind pro is preferred, this can be altered at additional cost to the customer. (50p per pad)

Wind-Pro: Polartec Wind Pro was developed to strengthen the fabrics ability to resist the effects of strong winds.  By adapting the fleeces structure through a tighter knitted construction a new fabric composition was created that created a breathable fleece with added abilities to repel all forms of moisture.  Wind pro is now the standard backing on all pads over 10”.  If waterproof fleece is preferred, it can be altered at the customer’s request.


All information has been sourced from the pages I buy my fabrics wholesale from. Wazoodle and the Polartec page.