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Charity Organisation: Belfast South Community Resource (BSCR)
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TCS-eco Period Provision Packs

How can we end period poverty with single use items?

Here at TCS-eco we have always had a reusable focus and we believe if a person wants to use reusable sanitary products they should have that choice.

Currently the main options available are mass produced products that are imported from other countries with poorer working conditions than the UK.  So rather than support manufacturing in the UK these projects are supporting manufacturing in other countries.

There is nothing wrong with this in principal but why not try to combat 3 birds with one stone, why not create a workforce to manufacture a UK made high quality reusable to help combat period injustice,  paying a living wage as well as tackling a carbon footprint. Importing the main materials and manufacturing here costs a lot less in the net carbon footprint than importing a finished product.

All these things may not sound important because most people don't think about this, thats because we do it for you!

We have provided a list of recipient charities that are working with us to offer quality UK made pads and helping pay a UK living wage for manufacturing.  We also give a selection of donation you can add how much you want to add to your order.  This means we also don't pay a massive amount of fees because Pay Pal and any Service takes an initial fee then a % cut!

Kerry Anne TCS-eco

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