Super discount 3 pack 7" Liner Cloth Sanitary Pad. TCS-eco

7" Starter Pack: Mixed Pack Slim Width
Cotton Jersey Pack Choice: Random (any print)
Sale price£21.00

In this pack you get 3 different pad shapes. Classic, Hourglass and Petite.  These pads all have a core width the same as a disposable.  The shape is down to your preference. (I have all in my stash and I don't really notice a difference, others think the shape gives them a unicorn pad.)

You select the type of top fabric you want for your cloth pad and we select 3 different prints, to take the stress out of choosing.

To make life easy we can provide a cloth sanitary pad which is equivalent to or exceeds the performance of a disposable. We pick a random pattern for you from our fantastic range!

When choosing length most disposables are the following size:

  • 7"  -  daily liners.
  • 9"  -  regular day pads
  • 10" - night pads.  

Then your absorbency:

Pad Type
Thickness Liquid Volume Life Span
Disposable Pad
<15ml Single Use
TCS Liner

<£1 coin 15ml 120 Washes
TCS Regular

£1 coin 50ml 120 Washes
TCS Heavy

£1 coin 100ml 120 Washes
TCS Night

2x£1 coin 120ml 120 Washes


Liner Packs are perfect for when your period is just hanging about causing annoyance, not quite on, not quite off.

Regular Packs are more absorbent than ANY other regular flow period pads on the market. Our working absorbency (when a pad still feels dry is way more than any maximum volumes (when the pad is about to leak)).  Other brands use maximum absorbency to get your sale, we tell you how it is.

Heavy and Heavy/Night packs of reusable period pads are ideal for heavy flow (over 100ml) These packs range from 10”-12” depending on your needs.

This is an ideal pack of pads if you're looking for maximum absorbency, especially at night. Our reusable pads are extra-long and absorbent and keep you dry, comfortable, and odour-free. 

Individual pack contains:

Liner Packs

  •  3 liner reusable pads.(20 ml)

    About our pads:

    Top fabrics: we are all about the colourful cheer, our top materials are all from sustainable sources.  Our team works with our base material suppliers to ensure we get premium fabrics for our UK manufacturing.  Our cotton jersey is printed in our factory and our bamboo velour is custom ice dyed here as well, this allows us to ensure our materials and production maintain a consistent high quality period product.  (if you check our socials you will see team members printing and dyeing our stunning top fabrics.)

    Core Material : Zorb 3d organic cotton: the core layers inside the pads are ultra-absorbent using planet friendly natural materials that absorb 20 times faster than synthetic fabrics like microfibre, it’s also 100% natural so you don’t have to worry about that synthetic sweat other pads are known to cause.

    Fleece Backing: Our fleece has a hidden PUL layer.  PUL is an essential barrier but it also slippery.  We developed our own premium BREATHABLE fleece backing material to ensure your pad stays where you put, increasing your comfort and ensuring a leak free period.

    Fun and functional: Our pads have been designed to give you a bit of menstrual cheer, the colourful patterns are multifunctional, you need to make sure you are having a healthy period and dark colours hide this.  The patterns also hide any stains and bleaching that is a natural part of your cycle.

    The FlowZone: our embroidered absorbent core has several functions. The outer stitching compresses the materials to help prevent leaks. The absorbency sewn down the core makes choosing the right period pad for you needs easy.  The central stitching also acts as flow lines. This encourages absorption at the core pulling any moisture into these specific areas. Again, preventing leaks.

    ZERO-WASTE: our washable period pads have a minimum lifespan of 120 washes (10 years.

    Premium quality: We have created and tweaked our pad shapes since our managing director created them in 2013.  These tried and tested designs come from in-house expert know how as well as customer testing and feedback.   The shapes have remained the same but tweaks to the aesthetics have given an overall better look to our product as well as dramatically improved its function.  Not all pads are created equal, and this is the case with TCS-eco.

    Wearing and washing instructions tap on the highlighted section to be taken to the washing blog.

    • Top fabric:  Cotton Jersey / Bamboo Velour / Plush
    • Core:           Hemp / Organic cotton blend (55/45%).                                                                               Zorb 3d organic cotton blended fabric (Regular/Heavy/Night)
    • Backing:     In house PUL lined fleece, some come with Windpro

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