Tween Starter Pack Cloth Sanitary Packs for teenager and smaller frames. TCS-eco

Tween Starter Pack: Mixed pack
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TCS-eco Reusable Period Pads: Unmatched Absorbency and Comfort

Exceptional Absorbency for Regular Flows: TCS-eco's Regular Packs set a new standard in the market for absorbency. Our unique working absorbency, where the pad still feels dry, far exceeds the maximum volumes of other brands. We focus on real-world performance, not just the numbers.

Ideal for Heavy Flows: Our Heavy and Heavy/Night packs are specifically designed for those with a heavier menstrual flow, offering over 100ml absorbency. These pads, ranging from 10” to 12”, ensure maximum protection, especially during the night.

Tween Pack for Tailored Needs:

  • Contains a variety of sizes and absorbencies to suit different stages of your period:
    • 1x 8" heavy petite
    • 1x 8" regular petite
    • 1x 7" regular slim
    • 2x 7" liner slim

Sustainable and High-Quality Materials:

  • Top Fabrics: Our vibrant, sustainable top materials include printed cotton jersey and custom ice-dyed bamboo velour, all crafted in the UK.
  • Core Material: Zorb 3d organic cotton ensures ultra-absorption, outperforming synthetic alternatives like microfibre, and preventing discomfort from synthetic sweat.
  • Fleece Backing: Our specially developed breathable fleece with a hidden PUL layer keeps the pad in place, enhancing comfort and ensuring leak-free periods.

Designed for Functionality and Joy:

  • Colorful and Cheerful Patterns: Not just for aesthetics, these patterns help monitor menstrual health and conceal any natural staining.
  • The FlowZone: Innovative design with embroidered core for efficient absorption and leak prevention.

Commitment to Zero-Waste and Premium Quality:

  • Our pads are designed for a minimum lifespan of 120 washes (10 years), reflecting our dedication to sustainability and high quality.
  • Constantly refined designs since 2013, based on expert knowledge and customer feedback.

Discover the TCS-eco Difference: Choose TCS-eco for a reliable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly menstrual experience. For more information, including wearing and washing instructions, visit our washing blog.


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