Reusable Cloth Pads, our journey.

Cloth Sanitary Pads – what I Learned



My Cloth Sanitary Pad Journey: Lessons and Innovations

From Skeptic to Advocate: My CSP Experience: I began exploring Cloth Sanitary Protection (CSP) in 2013, and it's fair to say I wasn't an instant fan. My journey from using cloth nappies for my son to embracing CSP was a gradual one, marked by initial reluctance and several revelations.


The Turning Point: Initially, I was hesitant to use cloth wipes for anything more than basic cleaning, let alone consider CSP. However, as I became more involved in handling cloth nappies, including the less pleasant aspects, I began to question my aversion to CSP. Was it really that different or "gross" compared to what I was already doing?

First Attempts and Learning Curves: Leveraging my skills from making cloth nappies, I crafted my first CSPs using materials at hand, like cotton and long pile minky. Unfortunately, these materials proved ineffective, leading to an uncomfortable experience. But then, a breakthrough came with short pile minky – a game changer that vastly improved comfort and functionality.

Evolution of TCS-eco Pads: Driven by this initial success and further research, I refined the materials and designs. My initial CSPs were entirely synthetic, but over time, I've incorporated about 75% natural materials. This shift was crucial as no one prefers the discomfort of a fully synthetic pad.

A Decade of Refinement: Over the past ten years, my design and material choices for TCS-eco pads have continuously evolved. Today, I'm proud to say that TCS-eco offers what I, and many of our customers, believe to be the highest quality CSP on the market.

The TCS-eco Difference: From humble beginnings and personal trials to extensive research and customer feedback, TCS-eco's journey reflects a commitment to quality, comfort, and sustainability in menstrual care.

Join the TCS-eco Movement: Whether you're new to CSP or looking for a better solution, I invite you to explore TCS-eco's range. Discover the difference of our carefully crafted, comfortable, and eco-friendly sanitary pads.