Period Pants and the 20% TAX

TCS-eco's Commitment to Affordable Period Care Amidst Tax Challenges

Challenging the Tax on Period Products: At TCS-eco, we find it incredibly frustrating that the government profits from a natural biological function like menstruation. We believe that the 20% tax imposed on period pants is unjust, and it's time to take a stand for #perioddignity and against #periodpoverty.

Our Journey Through VAT Changes:

  • Absorbing the VAT: In 2015, we chose to absorb the 5% VAT on our reusable cloth pads to support our customers, despite the financial impact on us.
  • Post-EU Tax Adjustments: After leaving the EU in 2021, we continued to absorb the VAT costs, maintaining our prices despite the elimination of the 5% VAT on period products.

Innovating for Better Period Care:

  • Development of High Absorbency Period Pants: In 2021, we embarked on an 18-month R&D project to create period pants with the same absorbency as our heavy and night reusable pads, increasing from 40 ml to an impressive 100 ml.
  • Production Challenges and Solutions: To keep costs low without sacrificing quality, we shifted production to China, allowing us to offer these highly absorbent pants at an affordable price.

Why Our Period Pants are Priced at £21:

  • Affordability Over Profit: Our commitment to affordability and doing the right thing has always been our priority, not profit maximization.
  • Covering VAT Costs: We continue to cover VAT costs, ensuring our products remain accessible, even with a slim profit margin.

Choose TCS-eco for Ethical and Sustainable Period Care:

  • As a small business, we uphold values like paying a real living wage, using sustainable energy, supporting local businesses, eco-friendly shipping, and employing plastic-free packaging.
  • Our period pants, priced at £21, are the most absorbent on the market, yet remain affordable thanks to our commitment to these values.

Support Ethical Choices: When choosing your period care products, remember to choose local, ethical, and a company like TCS-eco, which prioritizes doing the right thing over profit. Join us in saying #saypantstothetax and support affordable, sustainable period care.