Reusable Cloth Pads Versus disposable pads

TCS-eco's Honest Review: Revisiting Disposable Pads After Nine Years

Back to Disposables for a Fair Comparison: After nearly a decade of using reusables, I recently decided to give disposable pads another try. This test was to provide a fair and honest comparison to TCS-eco products.

Testing Famous Disposable Brands: I chose to test two types of disposable pads: a well-known brand containing plastic, and plastic-free, single-use pads. My goal was to compare them against both plastic and plastic-free reusables.

Initial Impressions:

  • Transparency in Packaging: I appreciated that the plastic disposables clearly stated their plastic content. This transparency is often missing in the reusable market, where many products claimed to be plastic-free are not.
  • Absorbency Claims: Disposables often advertise a working volume of around 70%, while many reusables advertise maximum capacity. At TCS-eco, we align with disposable standards by advertising working volume rather than total saturation.

My Experience with Disposable Pads:

  • Fit and Comfort: I started with a famous brand's sensitive pads and found them hard to fit correctly. They were also associated with increased cramps and an unpleasant chemical smell.
  • Performance Issues: These pads struggled with fast absorption, leading to leaks and discomfort. I had to change them every two hours.
  • Organic Cotton Pads: These performed better in terms of absorption but became bulky and noticeable when full, changing dramatically in thickness.

Comparing to Reusables:

  • Increased Discomforts: Using disposables brought back issues I hadn’t experienced with cloth pads, like cramps, itching, wing stings, and alterations to my menstrual cycle.
  • Heavy Flow Challenges: I experienced leaks, particularly on heavy flow days, which I hadn't encountered with my reusable pads.

Conclusion and Upcoming Insights: This experience reinforced my preference for reusable pads, like those from TCS-eco, due to their comfort, reliability, and environmental benefits. In my next blog, I'll delve into the comparison between imported pads and disposables.